The 30 Most Romantic And Cute Ways To Ask For A Date

How to win your girl with a world-class first date

Some people are hopeless romantics, waiting for the day they will find the one special person to share the rest of their life with. On the other hand, there are those who don’t believe in love until it hits them in the face. Maybe you hold the middle ground, thinking that some lucky people find that certain special one, and hoping you’ll be one of them. No matter which camp you belong to, when the time comes and you meet the girl of your dreams, it always comes as a sweet, sudden, show-stopping shock. So now you want to ask her out on a date but not just any date! You want to show her exactly how you feel and how important she is to you. You want to sweep her off her feet with a big romantic gesture, and at the same time, you don’t want it to feel fake. In this article, we collected the 30 best first date ideas that allow you to put your own finishing touches on the occasion which are sure to make her say YES to you!

Cute Ways to Ask a Girl Out

1. Speak, don’t text

Go old-school and ring your girl. Granted, messages are easier and more informal but that’s why anyone can do it. To make a phone call to ask someone out takes guts and she will appreciate that. She will be able to detect your feelings from your voice and from the way you hesitate or pause when you are talking which will mean so much more. Besides, there is something very intimate about talking to somebody on the phone for hours, exchanging stories, laughing together, whispering, and chatting the night away.

2. Know her comfort zone

Some girls love a huge, public announcement of love – on a screen, from a stage, in a crowded room – the flashier, the better. And that’s perfectly okay if she likes that sort of thing. But make sure that she wouldn’t feel uncomfortable first. Some girls don’t like to be presented to the public like that and if your girl is one who prefers to do things more privately, you should respect that. Talk to her on your own, tell her how you feel in person, without anyone else observing you and overhearing her reaction. You are bound to receive a much more honest and heartfelt reply in return.

3. The way to a girl’s heart

Food is the ingredient that binds us together, as the saying goes. Hardly any girl will say no to being asked out for food. Of course, you could book a table in a fancy restaurant, but we have found that this setting can be intimidating and destroy the atmosphere between you. So why not go for something you know for sure she likes: whether it’s an Indian takeaway or a burger and chips, the only thing that counts is that she likes it. Show her that you know her preferences and can make her feel comfortable and happy!

4. Impress her with your culinary skills

You could also cook yourself. Especially if you are a little tongue-tied, why not express your feelings the culinary way? Invite her to your house for a dinner prepared just for her. Apart from the food, pay special attention to the setting. If the weather permits, set up a table on the patio or in the garden, and maybe light the way with candles or lampions. If you have to stay inside, make sure the room is clutter-free, dimly lit, and don’t forget a vase of flowers too!

5. DIY craft

What could be a more personalized way to show a girl your love than giving her something you’ve created with your own hands? A romantic present made by you, just for your girl! There are a few very good crafting websites that will show you step by step how it’s done. YouTube and Pinterest are always great for some crafty inspirations too. Materials are usually easy to come by so you can simply create an inexpensive but invaluable gift that conveys your meaning much better than words ever could.

6. Poetry that wins the heart

All the best love songs have a background story which means that they were written for one particular person. Ed Sheeran, Justin Bieber and Bruno Mars all landed hits because they wrote songs about their girls. You can’t sing? No problem, you don’t have to. Write a poem instead of a song. Good poetry doesn’t even have to rhyme, it just has to be honest and straight from the heart. Tell her how she makes you feel, what you love about her, or recapture a moment the two of you have shared together. Sing it to her, read it to her, or let her read it for herself. However you deliver your words, she will treasure them for life.

7. Use romantic movie lines

“You are my life now.” When Edward said this to Bella in Twilight, every girl melted watching that scene. Your girl will have a favorite movie, or maybe a favorite TV show with a particularly romantic moment in it. The romantic moment of her dreams, that always makes her sigh, no matter how often she watches it. You can give your girl her own special moment by recreating that scene for her. Set up a similar background. Stand in the rain if you are being Julia Roberts and Hugh Grant in Notting Hill, or fill the apartment with candles if you want to design a Chandler-and-Monica moment. Learn the words but adjust them so they are still personal and reach her heart.

8. Combine music and movies

If you liked the last two ideas, but think you could do one better, here’s the perfect challenge for you: compose a musical sequence! Let your creativity and imagination run wild as you write lyrics and prepare dance moves that will just blow her away. Combine your own art with something that’s well-known; for example, rewrite a song from Moulin Rouge to personally fit your story or write your own unique lyrics but dress up as John Travolta in Grease. If you blend your own creativity with something she already is familiar with and likes, you’ve got a winner! Expert tip: this might be one for public displays of affection if you are brave enough!

9. Playful treasure hunt

Does your girl like being outdoors and active? Then why not use that to your advantage? Bet on her playful side and put together a personalized treasure hunt! Pick a starting place and ask her to meet you there – that could be your house, the park, the lake… Instead of you, though, she’ll find her first clue. Make the clues personal, referring to experiences you have shared or things you have in common. That will remind your girl of how well you know her. Don’t make the clues too hard though, you want her to get to you sooner rather than later.

10. A personalized slide, just for her

Have you known this girl for a while? Have you been friends for a long time, and shared many happy memories? Have you got pictures and photographs to show for it? If so, happy days! Create a video or a slide of pictures for her that shows your journey from the beginning until now. Choose songs that she likes as the background music and let her see for herself how you have turned from friends into something more precious and intimate.

11. A girl’s best friend…

The next idea isn’t suitable for everyone and depends on a lot of factors but if it is possible, it’s an absolute winner. Just how amazing would your girl feel if she opened the door to a cute puppy with a love note from you tied to the collar? But, before you rush off and go dog-shopping, consider carefully all the implications. Who does your girl live with? Is anybody in the house allergic to dogs? Are there pets in her home already? Is she really a cat person? Make sure that she would be happy to own a dog for the last thing you want is to be responsible for a dog being impounded. But if all the boxes are ticked, go ahead, splash out and make her the happiest girlfriend she could be!

12. Serenade your lady

We’re back to music with this one because music truly is the language of love and it can’t be overused in your romantic pursuits. Earlier we talked about writing a song or a poem for your girl. To try something a little different, why not serenade her? Choose a song carefully and practice it to perfection. Will you accompany yourself on the guitar, or will it be just vocals? This way of asking your girl out takes a lot of courage, but she knows that, too, and it will make it all the more special.

13. Cute tees

You know how you can have a marriage proposal written in the sky by an airplane? Well, we don’t have to go that far! But the idea of a personal question printed always appeals. So here is our idea: design a t-shirt especially for the occasion of asking her to be your girlfriend. Pick a very simple design, you don’t want it to distract from the message and make the question nice and short so that it fits on the top in big print. Include her name and wear it the next time you are going to meet her. Wear a jacket or a zip-up over it, so she doesn’t see it straight away and reveal it at the most opportune moment – her reaction will be both surprise and delight!

14. Get her friends on board

Let’s be honest, if her friends don’t like you, you’ll have a very tough run of it. But if they are fond of you, every future argument between you and your girl will be solved so much quicker because she won’t have to listen to endless “I told you so”s. So, get her friends on your side from the start and involve them in your big question for a first serious date. Experiment with some of the suggestions you have read already. Maybe her friends will help with the clues for the treasure hunt? Or they could be your background chorus for her own private musical. The possibilities are endless, and your girl will thank you for making the extra effort with her friends.

15. Fluffy messenger

Every girl loves her teddies, even if it is in secret. You can never go wrong with a teddy as a special present for your girl. Get a big and fluffy one and tie a card around his neck asking her to be your girlfriend. Or maybe you just want the teddy to deliver some chocolates, and ask the question in person. Either way, the teddy will stay with her long after the day you first asked her out. It will be there beside her at night, and it will be a comfort when you are away which is a constant reminder of your feelings for her.

16. Not just for children

As Pooh the Bear said, “It’s hard to be brought down when you have a balloon.” There is something about balloons that makes us happy. So, let’s use that fact for your purpose. Write your question: “Will you go out with me?” on a whiteboard and tie a lot of balloons up in front of it, covering up the writing. Now she’ll have to pop all the balloons on her way to read your question. Or write every word of your question on a separate piece of card and put each one in a balloon with some glitter confetti. She has to pop the balloons, collect the words and put together the question. Or get a big, heart-shaped helium balloon and tie a card and a token gift to it. Let your own imagination run wild!

17. One word: Cake!

What girl can resist cake? Like chocolates, a cake is always a welcome gift on any occasion. But on this occasion, when you want to ask your girl to go out with you and be your girlfriend, you will have to make a special effort. Don the tall white hat and get baking. A whole cake gives you a big canvas for all your romantic decorations. Or make several cupcakes, muffins, or buns, and put love and care into icing and embellishing them. Present your edible artwork to your stunned girlfriend.

18. Rings and things

If you’ve got the money and really want to splash out, you can impress your girl with some jewellery. Make sure you know what she likes. Gold sounds nice but a lot of girls prefer silver. Also, not everyone likes delicate or dainty jewellery. Maybe your girl likes the chunky retro look or prefers gothic pieces. A nice touch would be to personalize the item you buy. Have your and her initials engraved on the back of a pendant or on a bracelet.

19. Priceless presents

We move from pricey to priceless and show you how you can make your girl feel like a queen without spending a lot. What is more precious than your money? Your time. Dedicate a day to her! Spend it on activities she likes and share into her hobbies and pastimes. Does she like hiking? Going for long beach walks collecting shells? Is she into more practical things like helping out at the local dog pound? Then do that with her. Finish your one-to-one day with a walk under the starry skies and ask your big question.

20. The season of love

Spring seems to be the time when love is in the air and it provides you with ample possibilities of creating a memorable day for your girl. We’re not even going to take credit for the ideas in this section because the season itself is so romantic that ideas present themselves. A walk by the lake in a warm spring breeze, lying out on the grass in the park for the first time in the year, a picnic under a blossoming tree, picking a bunch of freshly grown wild flowers, the possibilities are endless!

21. Time of Miracles

Winter has its very own magic too especially when it gets closer to Christmas and the air is full of wonder, love and expectation to help you really romance a girl. Take her out to a Christmas Market and enjoy the light displays, the winter scents, the contagious humor of goodwill and love all around you. If there is no Christmas Market near you, create your own romantic winter occasion. Meet in the afternoon, go for a long walk in the snow, get silly and play, and throw balls and make snow angels. When it gets darker, linger on for another while to watch the stars come out and ask your girl if she wants to go out with you. Afterwards, make sure you have a nice cup of hot chocolate organized for her to warm up again.

22. The good old-fashioned bouquet

Sometimes, the old ways are the best because they are still around for a very good reason. Getting a bouquet of flowers for the lady of your heart might seem old-fashioned to you, but it is a time-honored way of showing your love and your girl will appreciate the sweet gesture. Remember, it doesn’t always have to be roses. Ask a florist for advice on what flowers to pick and deliver them in person with your most winning smile!

23. Be a Romeo

Do you know the famous Balcony Scene in Romeo and Juliet? Of course you do and you can bet your girl knows it too. Be her Romeo and let her find you calling her name at the foot of her balcony, holding a rose, asking for a date. But careful that you don’t get carried away and make sure to resist the temptation to climb up onto the balcony or into her room. Even if your girl would like the idea and find it daring and romantic, her parents might have different views. So, stay on the legal side of things and do not break and enter!


In the olden days, when letters were sent a lot more regularly, this meant: Sealed With A Loving Kiss. SWALK letters were romantic love letters and they belong to an era gone by. But the idea of receiving a proper hand-written letter is still beautiful to girls so make the effort and send one to yours. Choose some nice paper in a stationery shop – you can get printed, scented or handmade paper. Also, select a nice pen, a fountain pen if you can find one, or a good fine liner – you don’t want to ruin the effect by smudging your writing. Now you’re all set to pour your heart out. Just write whatever comes to your mind and don’t forget to seal the envelope with a loving kiss!

25. The next step

You are good friends and you spend a lot of time together, but somehow you have not been able to take the next step and ask her out? Delay no longer! Make tonight the night you ask her to be your girlfriend. Invite her over to your place to hang out, the way you usually would. Before she arrives, prep your room. Turn off the main lights and instead light it up with candles and fairy lights. Make sure the room is tidy and smells good, perhaps use some scented oils in an oil burner or scented candles. All this will set the right mood for your big question.

26. Playing it safe

If you still are a little unsure about her feelings and want to stay on the safe side, make use of the informality of messaging services. A text message isn’t the most romantic proposal but you can make it very personal, and it has the definite advantage that you are getting your feelings across in a way that doesn’t leave you too vulnerable. Wait for the right time like when she’s not with her friends and likely to be relaxed. If you are messaging back and forth, you will be able to tell when the right time comes. Be honest, personal, sweet, and win her over with your personality plus wit!

27. Movie magic

Do you enjoy watching movies on the big screen? More importantly, does your girl? Ask her out to the cinema and let her pick a movie she likes. It doesn’t have to be a romantic comedy, because as you will see, you are going to create the romantic moment yourself! Arrange with the movie theatre to have a message shown in the interval or before it starts on the screen, for everyone to see. Most theatres will be happy to oblige for such a romantic gesture. Make it a short message, including both your names and asking her to be your girlfriend. Then snuggle up in your seats together and enjoy watching your first movie together as a couple!

28. Tea for two

We don’t get much chance to be posh these days, but sometimes it is nice to pretend a bit. Be British for a day and take your girl out to a tea shop. You will be served strong tea in beautiful porcelain cups in quaint surroundings and upholstered furniture. Usually, you get a little tier with sandwiches, scones, and chocolates. Arrange with the waitress to have a little card with your personal message for your girl placed on the tier for her to find when she is enjoying her English pastries. She will feel like a Duchess – appreciated, spoiled and loved!

29. Let the world know

If your girl is quite confident and doesn’t mind public displays, then this will blow her mind and instantly win her over. Rent a billboard for a few days and ask her to be your girlfriend in a way she can’t ignore! You can choose a picture of the two of you or a picture of just her and have it printed with your text. Personalize it and ask her to be with you in big letters. Don’t notify her, let her spot the billboard herself or maybe one of her friends will see it first and tell her. Once everything is arranged, just sit back and wait for her phone call.

30. For the bookworm

Does your girl like books? There are great websites offering printing of personalized books where you can choose the text and illustrations yourself. A simple, small volume with very little text on each page is ideal. For each page, pick one thing you like about her, and have it illustrated. For example, “I like your sense of humor”, or “I love the way you crease your nose when you disagree with me”, or “Remember the day we first met at the mall?”. Finish this unique gift with the question “Will you be my girlfriend?”, along with the date and your name. In years to come, this will be a precious memory of how your big love story started.

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