Call Your Girlfriend These Cute Nicknames — The Ultimate List

Did you know that calling someone by their special names improves their mood? Well, that’s the power that a name holds! You need to establish the best names for your girlfriend to help you keep the relationship happier. We’ve provided an extensive list of names from where you can pick those that suit your girlfriend the best. These names are not only sweet and classic but are also romantic to enhance your love experience!

Cute names to call your girlfriend

Why should you give her a special name?

The idea of calling girlfriends by special names have been in use since ancient times. It is necessary since it helps to stir growth in the relationship and enhance the bond between lovers. Its immense benefits have made the practice popular in many regions of the world. When picking the name, you should always ensure that it matches her true character and personality to avoid offending her. Also, you should be cautious about where to use the names. You can apply some of them publicly but others are meant for private use only. From this inspiration, we’ve researched the best names that you can call your girlfriend instead of the ordinary boring Mrs X. We encourage you to take up the names and re-use them freely or create one using our ultimate guide to developing cute names for girlfriends.

When to start calling your girlfriend with a designated nickname

You should start using these sweet names immediately when the relationship has just begun to ensure that you build it on a strong foundation. But when does a relationship begin? By a relationship, we mean that you should first propose to see if she wants to go steady with you and if she accepts, then it is official that you are dating each other. Calling your girlfriend by their official names may appear awkward for people who have just started experiencing love. As such, the time to introduce cute nicknames is immediately after you start dating. During the initial phases of the relationship, we recommend that you call your girlfriend simple endearing names such as honey, sweetheart, or baby. When your relationship progresses for several months, you may now decide to adopt the names listed in this article. When you finally decide to marry your girlfriend, time will be ripe to upgrade her nickname to something like wifey. Continuing with the nicknames you use while dating could turn out ugly since some may sound childish at this stage of your relationship.

Top names to call your girlfriend

This list is crafted to help build the best rapport with your girlfriend and score points that are enough to upgrade the relationship into a marriage. It not only states the names but also gives their meaning. This ensures that you choose a name that offers the perfect combination of cuteness and relevance of meaning.

Classic cute names for your girlfriend

Calling your girlfriend beautiful names such as sweetheart, baby doll, baby, or sweetie is a classic representation of love and care. Although the names are old (some have been in use for a century!), you will enjoy their use and marvel at the glow the names will instill on the face of your girlfriend. The fact that these names have survived several decades without losing their meaning and relevance acquired them the title “Timeless Classics”. It does not matter how creative you are, the timeless classics have a way of rejuvenating your girlfriend even in the middle of a crisis. Every girl feels proud when the boyfriend confidently uses the names Sweetie or Princess on them. As such, you should always to call her these names once in a while. You can give the name a personal touch by incorporating a unique name that is cute yet trendy. Great examples of such combinations are as below:
  • If the girl is cute (Definitely cute if you’re dating, at least in your eyes!), you can use Baby Doll, Baby Girl, or a Doll Face.
  • You can use “my sugar” or “honey”. This signifies that you appreciate the sweetness you feel while you’re with the girlfriend.
  • While using “my princess” is a bit old, girls really appreciate it when you show reverence and place them higher than any other girl around. Calling her princess is just the right way to boost her ego.
  • The use of names such as sweetie, baby, or sweetheart is simply classic. The more these names are used, the more they become relevant and acceptable among girls. They are simply timeless classic and you’ll never go wrong with them!

Romantic cute names for your girlfriend

Girls will always appreciate men that offer unmatched romantic moments. Well, if you are reading this, then you must be looking for ways to spice up your relationship, right? The secret is to enhance your romantic times together. Let every moment that you spend with her be so encrypted in her that it would be hard to forget. There is no better way than using romantic names on her. You will be her Romeo and she will be longing for that time that you’ll be together again. Here are several names you should consider:
  • Angel Eyes. You know how lovely angels are? Imagine comparing your beautiful girlfriend to an angel and letting her know by using the name. This will be the perfect definition of romance and appreciation. Look directly into her eyes and whisper her the name then go ahead and describe the quality of an angel that you find in her. She will value the name so much that she will never forget those moments!
  • Valentine. The name is associated with immense love. You don’t have to wait for Valentine’s Day to whisper this unique name to her ears. Make it a routine and observe your relationship transform for the better.
  • Lovie. If you truly love your girlfriend, you will not find any difficulty in referring to her by this name. Make sure that you invoke emotions and just when the time is right, call her Lovie and let her fathom the love that you have for her!
  • Bestie. This name is basically associated with the creme de la creme. Make your lady feel the best in this world by using this name on her.
  • Beautiful/Gorgeous. Letting your girl know that her looks are to die for is the surest way of getting her undivided attention. Ensure that you regularly reaffirm her beauty by using this name.
  • Babylicious. This name is a combination of two trendy names (Baby and Delicious). The combination brings out the appreciation of her humility.
  • Cuddle Baby. This name is a favorite for many women. When you use it on her, you’re likely to turn the romance on!
  • Dreamboat. Use this name to let your girl know that all your dreams revolve around her. She will feel appreciated and reciprocate with more love!
  • Honey Bunny. This name is a reserve for those girls that are sweet, cuddly, and soft. Ensure that you romantically highlight these features when talking to her.
  • Juliet. This name portrays your girlfriend as a source of hope and inspiration. When you call her by this, you will enhance the romantic bonds.
  • Magic. Let her understand that whenever she comes into your life, your feelings transform magically.
  • Kitty. Be careful how you use this. Some girls may find it offending if you misplace the context. The name is supposed to express that the lady has the meekness of a kitten.
  • Lucky Charm. This name tells your lady that she bring luck into your life.
  • Lover Girl. If your girlfriend calls you Lover Boy, reciprocate by calling her this name to create a romantic environment.
  • Love Bug. This works well for both genders. It expresses cuteness and the ability to give unmatched attention
  • My Queen. This nickname elevates your girlfriend and shows her respect. She will feel valued when you use the name on her.
  • Precious/ Treasure. This will give her the assurance that you possess her and that you need her
  • Sunshine. The nickname is meant to show that she brings warmth to your life
  • Wifey. This will flatter your fiancée. Be careful not to call people you randomly meet this name. It would be offensive!

Food-related names for your girlfriend

Everyone likes food. Therefore choosing a nickname for your girlfriend based on food favorites is a brilliant idea! Here are some delicious names you should consider:
  • Peanut. This is ideal for small-bodied lovely ladies.
  • Pumpkin. This name will tell her how adorable she is, just like pumpkins are.
  • Waffle. If you like waffles and your girl knows it, then chooses this name. She will appreciate it
  • Snookie. The name denotes sweetness and uniqueness
  • Peaches. If your girl is sweet and beautiful, then call her this name to signify those attributes
  • Coco. This is an ideal name for her to show that you are addicted to her and that you are always thinking about her
  • Donut. As addictive as a donut! Call her this to show how addicted you are to her. Be careful not to offend her especially if she is big-bodied.
  • Maggie. Named after the instant noodles Maggi, calling her this name shows that she can do things fast and efficiently.
  • Cookie. Ideal for a girl whom you enjoy talking to. It shows that your girlfriend is that girl who cheers you up even in the worst of circumstances
  • Sugar Cube. This depicts sweetness. Call her the name to signify that you appreciate her sweet company
  • Candy. For the sweetest girl in your life
  • Kit Kat/Lolipop. Use this name for your girlfriend if she is sweet like chocolate
  • Butter Cups. When your girl behaves like a gangster but she is tender, you can call her this name sarcastically
  • Butter Scotch. Best for a girl who is multiracial. Make sure to establish if she is comfortable with the name first.
  • Sugar. Loaded with sweetness
  • Honey Bug. If your girl is as sweet and delicious as honey, use this nickname

Fun and playful nicknames for your girlfriend

You can obtain a nickname to suit your girlfriend especially if she is playful. If she brings a whole new level of humor in your life, then finding a name that’s funny yet sweet is the real deal. Find out below:
  • Sparky. This nickname is ideal for your girlfriend if she electrifies you whenever you lay eyes on her.
  • Butterfly. This insect is beautiful, right? Well, call her the nickname to signify her joyful and playful character.
  • Boo/Boo Bear. This is a name especially for affectionate girls
  • Dancing feet/ happy feet. If your girl loves music and dancing, then this is the right nickname for her.
  • Richie Rich. Ideal for your girl if she is rich.
  • Fruit Loop. If you call her this nickname, it means you adore her. Take care that she does not misinterpret it to mean mentally ill!
  • Google. This is used on brainy girlfriends and thus, making them feel acknowledged
  • Wikipedia. It is a funny name for the book smart type of girls. Make sure she takes it positively
  • Happiness. For the girl who brings joy to your life
  • Hop. The name is for those girls who are outgoing and love fun activities
  • Kind Witch. Use this if your girlfriend leaves you mesmerized whenever you look at her!
  • Loo Loo. This is a name that’s ideal for those girls that are sweet and fun to hang out with. They brighten up people when they meet regardless of the event
  • Little Monkey. This naughty name can be misinterpreted as offending. You should avoid it unless you’re sure that your girlfriend will not be offended
  • Miss Kitty. This a self-explanatory name! It suggests a cute and affectionate lady
  • Meow. If she is a cat lover, then call her this. Also ideal for those girls who cuddle well like a cat!
  • Pikachu. This nickname works best if your girlfriend loves Pokemon.
  • Panda. Calling her this name means that she is as fluffy and adorable as a panda.
  • Pooky. This is a fun name that you can use on a cute yet lazy girlfriend
  • Rabbit. These animals denote cuteness just like your girlfriend!
  • Tea Cup. This name is used for playful girlfriends

Great nicknames for a girlfriend with a personality

There is nothing that will work magic than appreciating one’s character. It brings out a sense of respect and value. Here are a few personality-based nicknames you should try:
  • All Mine. This generates the feeling of exclusivity. Make sure not to overuse it since it can show insecurity on your part.
  • Amoeba. This name signifies a self-sufficient woman.
  • Perfect. Ideal for a flawless girlfriend
  • Eye candy. This is someone who arouses your sense of sight. You just want to continue looking at her!
  • Wheels. A lady who enjoys dancing
  • Wookie. Whenever you are with this girl, you will likely laugh out loud!
  • Diamond. This name is prestigious! It shows a lady who is valuable yet unshaken by difficulties.
  • Smoochie. This name fits all the girls that are great kissers
  • Weirdo. You can use this nickname on someone whom you love but she has a unique personality that you don’t find in other people
  • Bright Eyes. Use this nickname if her eyes are romantically mesmerizing
  • Bree. This name suggests that your girlfriend has both the brains and charms.
  • Braveheart. Use this name to show your girl how grateful you are for her bravery in handling issues
  • Buttercup/Cupid. Use the name to point out the gorgeous looks of your girlfriend
  • Brownie. For afros, use this if your girlfriend is brown. For Caucasians and Asians, use this if your girlfriend has cute brown eyes.
  • Destiny. This assures your girlfriend that you are compatible
  • Fairy. When you can’t stop thinking about her character, use this to appreciate the good things about her.
  • Chef. This name appreciates her expertise in the kitchen
  • Care Bear/ Care Taker. While this name may sound weird, it actually works wonders in appreciating a caring heart
  • Cute Mama. Best nickname for intimate times
  • Cookie/cupcake. Use this to show her that she is always sweet and adorable.
  • Cutie/cutie pie. Call her this nickname to appreciate her beauty.
  • Daisy/Tulip/Rose. All these are lovely flowers. Call her this to depict a beautiful yet delicate character.
  • Dimples. Ideal for ladies with dimples on their face
  • Doll. A doll rarely have flaws! The name depicts flawlessness of both character and physical looks.
  • Ecstasy. Ideal for that girl who has possessed your mind!
  • Fluffy. Ever slept on a fluffy pillow? It felt great, right? Well, call your girl this name to signify tenderness.
  • Genius/Brainy. Ideal for girls who are intelligent and find unique solutions to problems.
  • Hummingbird. This fits a quirky and fast girlfriend. It can be offensive, though, so use with caution.
  • Kitten. Depicts a playful and soft girlfriend.
  • Little Dove. Call your girlfriend this to signify purity.
  • Lucky. Tells your girlfriend that you feel lucky to have her.
  • Tiger Toes. For impatient ladies.
  • Melody. If your girlfriend has a melodious voice, then this is the right name for her.
  • Magical Fairy. Fit a girl that adds an unmatched happiness to your life
  • Shortie. Ideal for pocket-sized ladies.
  • Smiley. If your girl always has a bright smile, then call her this name to appreciate her.
  • Sugar Lips. This depicts that you appreciate her lips when kissing. Make her proud by showing her how marvelous her kisses are!
  • Shoppy. Ideal for those girls who love shopping the most.
  • Pretty Lady. A charming lady who’s attractive and irresistible.
  • Peaches. For that girl who blushes when you’re talking to her.
  • Sprinkles. To depict a girl who spreads joy and fun wherever she goes.
  • Summer. Ideal for a girl who brightens up your dark days.
  • Supergirl. A girl who is simply extraordinary. You’ll be forgiven to think she has charming superpowers!
  • Sweetness. Shows that the girl is sweet by all standards.
  • Teddy Bear. For a girl who arouses your urge to give her a massive hug.
  • Twinkle/ Twinkie. Know of a twinkling star? A girl who brightens your life like this star deserves this name.
  • Tricky. Difficult to understand but you still love her!
  • Wonderful. A girl who is full of wonders deserves this nickname!

Fantasy nicknames to call her

Almost all girls love fantasy and will enjoy fantasy tales plus the names associated with it. Pick a name from movies and adventurous stories that will suit your girlfriend from the list below:
  • Cinderella. This is a favorite for many! It shows that she is like a princess to you and is someone highly valuable.
  • Barbie Doll. Ideal for a girl who dresses up pretty well and is perfect like a Barbie.
  • Elsa (Frozen). Ideal for a shy yet strong lady.
  • Minnie Mouse. For a girl who is short yet extremely beautiful.
  • Mermaid. Only call her this name if she loves the beauty of mermaids.
  • Fauna (Sleeping Beauty). The name fits your girl if she is beautiful and you’re unable to resist her charming personality.
  • Khaleesi (Game of Thrones). Ideal for a girl who has extraordinary leadership qualities.
  • Poo (Winnie the Poo). This name depicts a girl who is approachable and has child-like traits.
  • Tinkerbell. For a fairly sweet and cute girl.

Things to consider when selecting a nickname for your girl

1. Personality. Consider the type of person she is and only give her nicknames that match her. For example, a talkative lady can take the nickname talkie. Giving a name that matches her character is the best thing! It enhances acceptability and arouses the sense of appreciation within her. 2. Positive Physical Trait. Avoid shaming her based on her physical attributes! If she is on the heavy side, it would be insensitive to call her fattie. Use the nicknames to complement her physical appearance such as Brownie, Butterfly, and Beautiful. 3. Career. Think about her career and use nicknames she can relate to. Be creative in choosing the name to ensure that you achieve the best results. If she is in the catering industry, name her Chef, or if she is a musician, call her “songbird”. 4. Mannerism. Consider her behavior in different situations. For example, if she forgets quickly, you can use the name “goldfish”. Also, if she loves walking you can call her Walkie. Ensure that you explain the names to her before adopting them to avoid offending her. If she is uncomfortable, you should discontinue using the name immediately! 5. Her Most Memorable TV Character. You can use characters from her favorite TV programs. For example, call her Cinderella, Minnie, or Danny. You can link them to their characters such as Danny for excellent leadership quality or Cinderella for her sweet and angelic character. 6. Create a Cute Pair of Names. This strategy forms the cutest type of nicknames. For example, Romeo and Juliet to denote a romantic relationship. You are my Juliet! What a romantic combination! Other combinations include Khal and Khaleesi; King and Queen; Fire and Ice; Yin and Yang; and Cowgirl and Cowboy. 7. Use her Name’s Initials. If you’re uncomfortable with any other idea of forming nicknames, you can use the initials for her two names. For example, MS for Mary Smith. 8. Use Part of Her Name. Use a short form of her name to craft a beautiful name. For instance, from the name Elizabeth, you can obtain Liz, Lizzy, Beth, Lilibet, or Libby. You can also shorten her real name to obtain an irresistible nickname. For example, Vic from Victoria.

Things You Should Never Do When Forming Nicknames

Remember you still need your relationship to thrive. In fact, the reason we are looking for these nicknames is to spice up your friendship and propel it to an entirely different level. However, some habits we adopt during nickname forming process are detrimental and you should avoid them completely. They include: 1. Never Call Her a Name that Upsets Her. Nicknames are meant to fortify your relationship and explore the adoration you have for each other. To ensure that the name you create for her will trigger the desired effect, it’s good to ‘test the waters’ first. This means calling her by that name once, then watching her reaction. If she likes it, you can continue calling her by that nickname. If she doesn’t, well, don’t call her that ever again. If you can’t deduce from her reaction whether she likes the name or not, it’s best to ask her how she feels about the nickname. 2. Only Get Nicknames That Are Easy to Remember. Short and concise names are easy to remember and, thus, easy to use. It should be shorter than the original one. 3. Do Not Recycle the Nicknames That Your Ex-Girlfriend Had! The fact that you are separated with your ex shows that you’re no longer interested in her. Using your ex’s nickname may remind you of the past which has the potential of destroying your current relationship. If you must use a nickname, then use a brand new one. 4. Keep Only One Nickname to Match All Situations. This is important to protect her image and uphold her dignity in public areas at all times. Stick to one nickname that she is comfortable with. If you must use other nicknames, only use them in private. Also, ensure that the nickname is decent especially when you are introducing her to your friends and family. Nicknames are important in spicing up relationships. Don’t be left behind! Go through the list we’ve provided to select your best pick for a nickname. Always ensure that the name you have selected best portrays the beauty and character of your girlfriend. Avoid names that can be humiliating to her.

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