Top 10 Compliments Women Can NOT Resist

Complimenting a girl you are interested in dating is as hard and tricky as walking on a minefield. You do not want to come across as needy or end up hurting the girl with some insensitive words. She shouldn’t feel like you are trying to bed her. Your attempt to compliment should be smooth, satisfying her need to be complimented and leaving you both with a pleasant memory. The movies and novels have already taken the most of cliché compliments. Instead, go for something out of the box, less used and not expected. For example instead of saying “You are the prettiest girl in the world,” try telling her she is smart or funny! Here are the top ten compliments you can begin the game with.

Top 10 Compliments for Your Girlfriend

1. “You’re pretty funny”

It would be better to tell her that she is funny and hilarious. Why? Because everyone wants to hear that they are able to entertain others. It is quite odd that it is still a common belief that men are more humorous than women. Do not try to outshine your partner. Tell her that you think she is funny, and she will feel more confident about herself and the way she carries herself. Not that she needed your assurance, but your compliment will make her day, and she will like you more for it. Not only do you break the stereotype, but you also show your love interest that you aren’t a sexist jerk who thinks men are better than women in everything. Eventually, she will share all her secrets with you and trust you as well. But don’t just make it up, God–that would be very awkward as well as awful. Instead, make sincere efforts to smile at her when she talks to you and laugh at her jokes so that she knows you love listening to her. Even while on text, you can use emojis or smiley faces to convey the same.

2. “There is so much to learn from you” or “You inspire me”

Complimenting a woman on her intellect is the second-best thing that you can do. Everyone loves to know that they are sharp or intelligent. If they are making a valuable addition to the discussion or asking the right questions, let them know that. If you are inspired by any of her hobbies or passions or even dreams, let her know. This is what is going to change your bond for good. She doesn’t have to be a nerd or a witty survivor. Anything valuable should be appreciated from your side. Try to be genuine in your compliments, whenever you appreciate her wits. When you specify what part you liked or how she inspires you, she will be even more impressed. Girls love a guy who is straightforward in appreciating their abilities. You can also appreciate her taste in books, movies, food, music, etc. Do not sound like you are trying to flatter her or it will all go down the drain. Be original, and you will surely nail it.

3. “You have such beautiful hair/eyes/lips/cheeks/teeth”

Oh come on now, don’t limit your imagination to “You are beautiful.” That is commonly said, and she is probably fed up with hearing that from unoriginal guys. Be you, be the unique one to stand out and appreciate her beauty in specifics. You can appreciate how beautiful her eyes look or how nice her hair is. Remember, this has to be done with affection and joy, not with jealousy or creepiness. Figure out what she is proud of about herself when it comes to looks or what she feels insecure about. Playing these two cards in your favor will up your game, and the lady will receive your compliment well with heartfelt gratitude (even if not expressed). The blunder would be to go for common or sexual body parts. Even if you are trying to get her in bed with you, you would be making the biggest mistake by going for her boobs or ass right on the first go. Keeping it on skin, lips, eyes, hair, nails, and hands will definitely help you out. Do not go for even the figure if you do not have a strong bond with her yet.

4. “I trust you”

Oh, saying I love you or like you is not enough. You have to show her that you are up for a more serious or committed bond in the future. If you feel she is the one and you can trust her completely, then let her know it. You can appreciate her loyalty and make the jealousy in you leave the room for a while. It will work wonders as your girl will definitely shower you with more affection. Unless she has gone out with someone else and has cheated, she would really appreciate you showing trust in her and then appreciating her loyalty. Even though loyalty should never be implied in written contractual terms, it is safe to say that when you commit, you promise to stay loyal to each other. But that should not be taken for granted. Showing a bit of gratitude for that commitment goes a long way.

5. “You are unique”

Now, this can be a dangerous compliment if your love interest does not understand well before reacting. No, this is not a sexist remark that she is different from other girls. In fact, this compliment tells her that she is unique and that you have never come across anyone as good and as beautiful as her. This way, you acknowledge her traits, her flaws as well as every little thing with beauty, telling her that you love all of it. She would be glad to know that it is not just her pretty face that you value, but her heart inside as well.

6. “You are amazing at this/that”

Who doesn’t like to get noticed when it comes to charms or skill? Just like you, your date or girlfriend is a human and would love compliments about her thoughts, her skills, or even her hobbies. Don’t be overly dramatic when you make the compliments but do make sure that the realness of the compliment is reflected on your face. Let her know that you notice the little things about her. Don’t be a jerk by telling her she is good at something she hates doing. For example, a crappy job that she is struggling with. Simply leave it all behind and appreciate her artistic side, her writings, her singing or any other the things she loves to do for her own pleasure. So when you do compliment her for that, she will love you even more for noticing things and valuing her time as well as skills.

7. “You are my buddy, a true friend”

Life is simple, and it should be kept as simple as it can get. Instead of focusing on looks and the food, you could simply share a good conversation with her and tell her that she is a good friend. Now anyone could look good, but not everybody qualifies as a good friend. Even though you have arguments, fights, and disagreements, she should know that you appreciate her taking a stand and still being there with you. Don’t worry, it doesn’t have to be overly emotional. She will definitely appreciate the gesture.

8. “You are hot and sexy”

Now don’t blurt this out on the very first date. Let the girl be assured that you really do find her attractive in a good way. And when she is ready to take it to the next level after feeling a bit aroused, you can give her this compliment. Saying this even after making love to her or making out with her can be pleasant. Women like to be assured that they look hot or sexy. It will surely lift her spirits and make her smile.

9. “You look amazing!”

Never, never let this be a struggle for her – do not comment or compliment if she is sensitive and might not take it the right way. Complimenting her when she has wrapped herself around makeup might make her feel you do not like her natural look and saying that she looks great on a day she looks natural, might make her feel you fake the feeling of liking her on all the other days she dressed up. Don’t use this compliment unless you are sure that she will take it the right way. Don’t be body specific, especially below the face. So saying a generic compliment like “You look amazing” can save the day and keep the flags high for another day.

10. “You are my favorite person to spend time with!”

It doesn’t get better than this – you tell her that you love her company and would like to spend more time with her. Simple and effective, every single time. If you have been dating for months or years, the passion or spark might get lost with time. Complimenting her with this will lift her up and can surely help in reigniting that flame of desire that brought you together in the first place. Your gestures and compliments should be genuine. Women can catch liars faster than you think! With compliments and appreciation, you can strengthen your bond while boosting the spirits of your partner. Don’t just compliment her looks, but also notice the little things and appreciate her for them. If you genuinely like something about her and choose to let her know how much you appreciate it, you really can’t screw it up. Show your love with words and she will definitely do the same by showering her affection over you. Need more? Here are another 38 cute things you can say to your girlfriend. When she hears you, these sweet sentences can bring a happy blush on her face.
  1. Your eyes are so beautiful and expressive I can not help but get lost in them.
  2. Come on, stop being so cute!
  3. Good morning Sunshine.
  4. I love the way you understand my thoughts before I voice them.
  5. Your cute smile makes me melt.
  6. Can’t wait to see you.
  7. With your beautiful smile, you make my sadness disappear.
  8. Losing you is not an option.
  9. God! You’re just perfect!
  10. You are my best friend.
  11. Even in the after life, nothing can get you off my mind.
  12. You take my breath away.
  13. Nothing else matters when I am around you.
  14. It is like you can read my mind, you understand me so well.
  15. Aren’t your the sweetest!?
  16. You are such a good dancer.
  17. You are the definition of glamor and beauty.
  18. You are the one for me.
  19. Everything is perfect when I am around you.
  20. I love the way you smell.
  21. Nobody made me happier than you!
  22. Although it may never be too late, I wish I’d met you earlier.
  23. You complete me.
  24. Every time I see you, you brighten up my day.
  25. You are my soul mate.
  26. Life is beautiful because of you.
  27. You turn me on so much.
  28. I can’t seem to stop reaming about you.
  29. As I have you, I consider myself a champion.
  30. I love every bit of you.
  31. Get home soon! I want to cuddle up with you.
  32. You smell amazing.
  33. I want to be able to do more everyday just to make you happier.
  34. You are God sent.
  35. I have everything I need when I have you.
  36. You give meaning to my life.
  37. You have made my dreams come true.
  38. I am never going to let you go.
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