How Transgender Women Top During Sex |

How Transgender Women Top During Sex
Pleasure comes not only with tender gestures and sweet French kisses. Sometimes it’s just about the attitude and control over your partner’s feelings and body. And not always these are men who steer the wheel of the sex car. Transgender sex has changed the rules of domination in bed. The most astonishing thing is that … Read more

How to Boost Your Confidence around Girls |

Confidence is a trait guys need if they want to improve their overall appeal and charisma. A confident guy, is never scared of a challenge, always knows the right approach to any situation, and is always a fun personality to be with. I am going to provide you with key points, and a detailed insight … Read more

Do You Know the 5 Love Languages? |

5 Love Languages
The book, The 5 Love Languages by Dr. Gary Chapman, has been around since the 1990s. However, it has exploded in popularity as of lately. Love is a concept that is ever growing and ever evolving as we learn more about it, and the 5 Love Languages is a take on love that is quite … Read more

Reasons and Signs of Emotional Infidelity |

Reasons and Signs of Emotional Infidelity
Signs of emotional infidelity in your partner Estrangement. You talk less and less, and if this happens, then mainly on everyday topics. If you previously discussed the events that occurred during the day, now the partner is limited to a couple of dry phrases thrown your way. Discover more: 10 Tips To Keep Your Boyfriend/Girlfriend Enthralled … Read more

Top 5 Ways To Heal Your Broken Heart |

Healing from heartache is one of the most difficult things you will ever have to go through. The crushing feeling and emptiness is a horrible thing we all experience at one point or another. As you probably already know, healing a broken heart is one of life’s biggest challenges. That feeling of your heart breaking … Read more

7 Ways to Manage a Long-Distance Relationship |

Today’s article is a guest post by Zak from Sofia Gray. When most people hear someone’s in a long-distance relationship, they usually assume it’s not going to last. Their doubts make sense as long-distance relationships have a massive obstacle in between them: distance. But in reality, long-distance relationships can lead to a more fulfilling relationship … Read more