How to Boost Your Confidence around Girls |

Confidence is a trait guys need if they want to improve their overall appeal and charisma. A confident guy, is never scared of a challenge, always knows the right approach to any situation, and is always a fun personality to be with. I am going to provide you with key points, and a detailed insight on how to increase your confidence level especially when around girls. These points include
  • Take care of your Physical Appearance
When you look good in whatever you are wearing, there is always going to be a bolt of confidence flowing through you. You may not have the best physique in the world, but putting on a nice attire makes you feel good about yourself, and goes a long way in teaching you how to be attractive to her. It’s not enough to look good only on dates, you should try to look good at all times. That way, your general persona will revolve around a confident badass looking guy that everyone loves being with. Do your best to look good in what you are wearing, your confidence will thank you for it
  • Do the one Question Test
Always ask yourself this one question when faced with a challenge or problem, “would a confident guy worry about this problem?”. Constantly doing this boosts your self-esteem, especially when you answer “no” to the question. So whenever you are around a girl/s, just think about what a confident guy would do and just do it.
  • Focus on what you can Control
When having a conversation with a girl, you can control two things which are; your actions, and how you respond to her actions. You can’t control how a girl will respond or react to your actions, so just focus on what you can control, and do it in the most confident way possible. Trying to control what someone else does is borderline impossible and makes you overthink obvious actions. Focus on what you can Control
  • Don’t Overthink what she says
This part is rather simple and straight-forward to understand. When having a conversation with a girl, you don’t have to calculate in your head the answers to give for potential questions she will ask you. Talking to a girl is not Rocket science or like playing chess, you don’t have to think 2 steps ahead of her questions, basically, you just have to be truthful and confident with everything you say to her. Girls like to know that the guy they are having a conversation with is an open book, because a confident guy has nothing to hide.
  • Keep it Relaxed
Setting the conversation to a relaxed tone is highly necessary especially if you meet a girl for the first time. There is no reason to go into a conversation that she may find too personal mostly if you both just met. She is most likely going to hesitate in sharing such information with you, which in turn makes you overthink your own questions. Therefore, try and keep the conversation slow and steady, so you don’t make her feel pressured. Keep it Relaxed Set the right mood by having a very Relaxed conversation with her.
  • Don’t Brag please!
This is a huge turn-off especially if you just met the girl. If you constantly try to tell her how amazing you are, that gives off the idea or mindset that you are insecure, and want everyone’s approval. You may be accomplished, good-looking, and rich but there is no need to tell her that yourself, she will definitely find out on her own. Moreover, girls tend to not pay attention to guys who brag about themselves, this in turn reduces the guy’s confidence level and puts him under pressure.
  • Work on Yourself
There are a number of things you can do if you want to improve yourself. When you feel good about yourself, your self-worth will increase and so will your confidence level.


Your confidence level tells a lot about your personality, which tends to reflect on how you carry yourself. Girls are naturally attracted to confident men, because they feel safe around such a personality. It is not enough to know about confidence, you should also apply, because in the end, confidence isn’t meant to be a skill, it should be a personality.

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