Best Types of Engagement Rings |

Wedding preparations involve many big and small aspects. One of the most important is the choice of wedding rings. It’s not just a piece of jewelry, but a true symbol of love, which is why many couples pay so much attention to choosing the right accessories. How do you cope with buying wedding rings, and what varieties will suit a specific case? Let’s take a look at the existing options and their features.

Classic Engagement Rings

Delicate and simple engagement rings are timeless classics that always remain in trend. Some newlyweds believe in the omen that a smooth ring is a guarantee of a prosperous and happy marriage. Others choose such jewelry for its comfortable and practical shape. And indeed, jewelry perfectly sits on the finger, not clinging to clothing, and does not hurt the skin. As you can see, there are a lot of advantages of this type of accessory. The most popular choice is a classic ring made of yellow or red metal. White gold is chosen by those who prefer to wear silver in everyday life, but they want to choose a more valuable metal for the engagement ring.

Circular Rings

Externally, such models are similar to the classic models but have several features. The width of the rings is relatively small, and the section has a characteristic “bagel” shape. Such accessories look great on long thin fingers. Versions with decorative inserts look especially good. The most common is the combination of yellow/red gold with diamonds.

Keg Form Rings 

In contrast to the previous variant, have a sufficiently large width. They look strict and laconic and will undoubtedly suit the taste of connoisseurs of classics. The rings are voluminous, but the inner part is often hollow, making the jewelry light and minimal in weight.

Concave Rings

In recent years, convex engagement rings have become less popular than concave models. And there are several reasons for that: concave jewelry is less exposed to mechanical impacts, so it retains its original appearance for many years. The advantage of such accessories is that they look great in any color and metal, can be of any width, and, if desired, can be decorated with special inserts.

Rotating Rings

The distinctive feature of such models is the inserts on mini-substrates because the middle part of the product can smoothly rotate. Such jewelry was trendy 3-4 years ago, but even in this season, it remains in relatively high demand. Versions made of precious metals in two colors are in the most significant demand. Such jewelry looks stylish and unusual. Thanks to several rings in the design, it looks like you’re wearing 2-3 accessories simultaneously.

Rings With Gemstones

There are variants, with one precious inset and a scattering of small stones. Both options look spectacular and luxurious. Of course, such models cannot be called the most practical, but with careful handling, the rings can retain their ideal appearance even after several decades. In addition to diamonds, emeralds, sapphires, and rubies are perfect for engagement rings. The choice of stones is limited only by your preferences and available budget.

Designer Rings

This category can include all accessories with a non-standard shape of the bezel. Most often, jewelry has no analogs and is created according to an individual sketch. As for designer rings, several years ago, they were popular as “crowns”, models with tracery, triple rings, etc. These accessories look very unusual and even extravagant. These models will suit the taste of creative couples. Designer models are more difficult to choose than other rings. Before you buy, you should consider that their design should go with other jewelry the couple will wear in the future. There are many variations of engagement rings, so each couple is sure to find their symbol of love. Remember that such jewelry is always of great value, regardless of the design or the assay inside the bezel.

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