The Best Lesbian Short Stories

Do you enjoy reading romantic stories between two women? If this is something you like to do, you may have found that there are not many options out there with women in a wide range of circumstance or from a variety of backgrounds. We have done some of the work for you by rounding up the top three most romantic lesbian stories of all time. If you are looking for a good, quick read, these three stories are sure to suit your fancies.

Lesbian Short Stories

Real Life Debate

This is one of the best lesbian short stories if you are looking for one that is filled with passion and spark. This is how it goes. A fight arose during the day’s history lesson at school – two young ladies in the boisterous class of 18-year-olds stood up and exchanged arguments with each other, both of them stubbornly clinging to their own opinions. The question that prompted the argument? “Is the world of The Stranger irrational?” Jessica and Amanda, the two arguing ladies, were so absorbed in the debate that they continued to argue long after the class had ended. They could not resist for both had vastly different opinions, but the argument and the tension that the question prompted within them made them both excited about each other. Neither of them knew why, exactly, they felt that way. The days passed and the arguments heated. There was growing tension and more annoyance, yet a true romance was blossoming between the girls. Now, the only thing left they had to debate about? Whose house were they going to spend the night at!

Say Goodbye

In this story, it begins with Samantha lying serenely on her bed. Alexandra is packing. Alexandra walks over to Samantha and holds her hand, with both girls knowing it will be a difficult time – this is the last night they are going to spend together in their hometowns. Samantha has received a scholarship and will be flying to London the next day to complete her graduate studies in music. The classic rock song by Cat Stevens, “Baby, It’s a Wild World,” one of their favorites, is playing on the laptop. The two of them relive their memories, reminiscing about the time they met and when they started dating. They have been together for five years, since they were 18, and now, as the sad moment of departure approaches, it seems like those years have gone by in a flash. Samantha turns to her partner and caresses her cheek, while at the same time tightening her grip on her hand. She says, “Promise me this won’t be the last time we lay together like this.” “I promise,” Alexandra replies. “We will make it somehow, I’m sure. I love you.” Instead of responding, Samantha pulls her girlfriend closer and kisses her passionately. They begin to make out while they take off each other’s clothes. The next day at the airport, they embrace each other tightly and then they both know – this is just a small goodbye, not a formal forever farewell. They will be reunited one day.

Love at First Campsite

This story starts off with a bit of relief – the awful year of school was finally finished and Andrea, a seventeen-year-old, was packing her belongings, getting ready for a camping trip with her friends the following day. A gorgeous brunette, Andrea has long curly hair, sapphire blue eyes, and a unique birthmark on the lower portion of her abdomen. That was a feature she kept hidden to herself because she thought nobody would ever love her enough to be able to see that unique hidden feature. Yet after two years of high school, this gorgeous girl was still alone. Forever single. She had started to begin to accept that she would never be able to change that status. The buzz of going camping was bringing up those thoughts about being forever solitary again. Her friends frequently came up to her and attended these events with partners -boyfriends, girlfriends, one-time flings. They would put up their tents together, cook together, sleep together – they would sit by the fire cuddling, doing all the romantic things that Andrea could only ever imagine in her wildest dreams. She did not have anyone special in her life and when she was asked why, she never knew what to say. That is because she had a hidden secret – it was something that she had always concealed from her friends and family. When she had fantasies about someone, it was almost always a girl. When she arrived at the camp, eager to unpack her things, she noticed that her shoelaces were untied. But she did not realize that on her own for she discovered it by stumbling. Luckily, she did not fall and instead, a girl with short blonde hair broke her fall and caught her securely in her arms. Andrea looked up and she did not recognize the girl. And at that moment, she also did not recognize that this girl would be the one who would change her life forever. “I’m Rose. You are so strong, you know – you just about knocked me over!” “Actually…I’m Andrea,” Andrea responded, her face turning red. She was completely lost and the widening grin of the gorgeous girl caught her off guard yet calmed her down at the same time which made her grin weakly too. “Let’s go get wood for the fire.” The two held hands as they walked to the woods. They shared a lengthy conversation and Andrea found herself trusting this new friend more and more. Without knowing what she was doing, she revealed her sexuality. Rose smiled. “I thought I would never have a shot with you. You are so beautiful and I figured you had a man in your life.” Andrea giggled at Rose’s response. It must be a joke, right? But then they went on their way. A few months later, Andrea found herself sipping coffee with Rose. She thanked her lucky stars that she had not tied her shoelaces well that day.

The Best (Free!) Lesbian Story Websites

If you like the stories above but find yourself searching for hours without success for the best erotic and nonerotic lesbian stories, we are here to help with that. It can be tough to scour the web for the best stories to suit your interests and preferences especially if you do not want to give up your personal information in order to read them. We have found the best free story sites where you can read about college adventures, steamy threesomes, first encounters, and more. Read on to discover the best websites for any interest.

Lush Stories

A popular short story forum, Lush Stories is home to both nonfiction and fiction stories about women who are interested in other women. An easy-to-navigate website, the portal features categories that are organized alphabetically. You can search and submit your own short story, as well as comment on other writers’ work. The site even has regular competitions to give you a voice about which stories you like best. You can vote for your favorite pieces and even see word counts in potential reads before you take the plunge into them.

Mels Web

This website is designed for amateur writers who want to share their lesbian nonfiction and fiction stories with the world. There are multiple types of categories, including Erotic Lesbian Stories, which has two subcategories: Emotional Love Stories and Lesbian Love Stories. There is even a unique poetry category! Lesbian Love Stories alone has close to 400 individual threads! Since this is a forum, you can easily leave feedback on any story you want to. It is easy to get around on the site and there is even a search button to help you find what you are looking for.

My Secret Obsession

My Secret Obsession is home to lesbian stories that are of the “true confession” nature. Here, you can find full-length short stories as well as brief excerpts from longer pieces. The website can be a bit difficult to navigate, but there is plenty to read here. You can even join a lesbian chat room or free. This will allow you to connect with others who share similar interests. In addition, the website has a podcast and blog where you can learn more about topics like politics, sex, love, and life. You can also reach out to the writers if you have feedback or questions about their stories.

Nifty Erotic Stories

Nifty Erotic Stories, also known as Nifty, has a broad collection of lesbian work. Stories are organized by categories and archived by date – you can easily find the title of the story, too. Interestingly, you can view the email address and the name of the author of every story. If you prefer short or long stories, all you need to do is submit a comment to the author and find out if there are more stories posted. There are also stories on this website for people who identify as gay or bisexual, too.

A Late Life Lesbian Story

This website is home to true stories about people who are lesbians. Featuring mostly romantic and emotionally-charged stories, this website requires writers to submit their work first to the blog and then sorted into separate categories. As a result, the site is quite easy to navigate, listing multiple categories on the home page that can be read individually or by series. Want to get in touch with someone at the website? That is easy, too. All you need to do is visit the site’s contact page or their easy-to-find Facebook support page.


Last on our list, but certainly not least, Literotica has thousands of lesbian stories for you to peruse. If you find that you are easily overwhelmed by the choices available to you here, all you need to do is click on the story spinner to allow the site to choose a random read. You can select anything from first encounters to threesomes and everything in between. An easy-to-navigate website, you can sort and search by date, top stories, and newest posts. You can even chat with authors, join the forum, or listen to stories in the audio section.

Tips for Reading Web-Based Lesbian Short Stories

If you are trying to explore new fantasies or interests, there is no better way to do it than by finding a writer whose work really piques your interest. All you need to do is type an author’s name in a search engine based on that website to discover new updates. While many of these story sites do not regularly update, you can always find new stories, short or long, on these sites. Just be patient and willing to step outside the box – there is plenty out there for you to explore.

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