100 Best Friend Tag Questions [+Quiz]

Where would you be without your best friend? You share tears, laughter, and you know every last little detail about each other’s lives… Or do you? How well do you really know your soulmate? Here is a fun way to find out and have a few laughs along the way: Play the BFF Quiz! It’s easy: write 100 questions for your best friend to answer and get your BFF to do the same. For every correct answer you get one point. At the end of the quiz, count your points and check your results below. Chances are you’ll get the same amount of point, but you should see for yourself. To help you in writing the questions, we have divided the quiz into five categories. Create 20 questions for each section, and then ready, steady, play!

Best friend tag questions

Section 1 – The BFF Basics

Ask some questions your friend really should know the answer to like questions about your family, your birthday and so on. Seems too easy? Well, this is just the warm up!
    1. What is my full name?
    2. What state was I born in?
    3. When is my birthday?
    4. Am I “in love with” any famous person?
    5. When and how did we meet?
    6. Have we had a fight ever?
    7. Am I allergic to anything?
    8. What are two positive personality traits I have?
    9. How many sisters or brothers do I have?
    10. Do we call each other in any special way?
    11. Our craziest memory together.
    12. The last time we hung out?
    13. Where’s our next vacation together?
    14. Do I say any expression or phrase very often?
    15. Is there anything weird that I eat?
    16. Who takes more time to get ready?
    17. What gift would I like for my birthday?
    18. Describe each other in one word.
    19. Am I close to my mom or dad?
    20. What is the age difference between us?

Section 2 – A Few Of My Favorite Things

What is your favorite movie? Your favorite band? Food, dress, holiday? Surely your best friend will know, or will they?
  1. Which is my favorite food?
  2. Which is my favorite makeup brand?
  3. Which is my favorite TV series?
  4. Which is my favorite movie of all times?
  5. Which is my favorite sport?
  6. What is my favorite music artist/band?
  7. What is my favorite type of music?
  8. Which is my favorite color?
  9. What is my favorite item of clothing?
  10. Which is my favorite place in the world?
  11. What is my favorite holiday/season?
  12. What is my favorite restaurant?
  13. What is my favorite snack?
  14. Which is my favorite kind of sandwich?
  15. What is my favorite way to relax?
  16. What is my favorite body wash or perfume?
  17. What is our favorite inside joke?
  18. Who is my favorite superhero?
  19. Which is my favorite animal?
  20. What is my favorite/lucky number?

Section 3 – Kick It Up A Notch

Now that the basics are covered, check whether your friend knows your opinions too. What do you think about a certain teacher? A local charity event? What are your thoughts on religion, disposable straws and cheerleading?
  1. Which was the last person I kissed?
  2. What is my dream job?
  3. What did I want to be when I was a child?
  4. Where was I born & where I’d like to live?
  5. Do I do silly faces or I smile for pictures?
  6. Do I ever dance with no music playing?
  7. Do I steal the conditioners, body soap and shampoos bottles from hotels?
  8. Am I more afraid of snakes or spiders?
  9. Do I like to use post-it notes?
  10. Do I prefer dressing up or casual clothes?
  11. When was the last time I went out of town?
  12. Which is the last book I read?
  13. When was the last time I went to the shopping mall?
  14. How did I get my given name?
  15. Do I have to visit the doctor this year for any reason?
  16. Have I ever been stopped by a policeman? What for?
  17. Have I ever been hospitalized/had surgery? What for?
  18. Do I like to collect anything?
  19. What is one thing that makes me angry or upset?
  20. Have I ever cried because of happiness?

Section 4 – A Feeling Deep Inside

We leave the superficial level and dive deep into your soul now. What makes you sad? Who is a lost loved one you still think about a lot? What are your dreams for the future? Where do you want to be in 5 years’ time, and who will be there with you? If your BFF knows the answers to those questions, they will for sure be in your life for a long time.
  1. Have you told me all of your deepest secrets?
  2. Do you think I have told you all of my deepest secrets?
  3. Why have you chosen me as your best friend?
  4. Who is it that I love the most?
  5. Is it easy for me to fall in love?
  6. What about me always makes you smile?
  7. Am I easy or hard to love?
  8. Do I have any regrets?
  9. If I said I never wanted to talk to you again, what would you do?
  10. What was the hardest time of our relationship?
  11. Tell the moment when you feel proud on me?
  12. What is the meanest thing someone has ever told me?
  13. What do I consider my most important personal possession?
  14. What is your favorite memory?
  15. Would I give a homeless person CPR if they needed it?
  16. What would you do if I died tomorrow?
  17. What are my goals for the future?
  18. What is my passion?
  19. Do I want to get married?
  20. Do I want kids in my life?

Section 5 – Lighten The Mood

In the last few questions, remember the funny moments you have shared in the past. Who played that great prank on the science teacher? What happened on the school trip to the zoo? Those hilarious memories will bring you right back to good form!
  1. What was our most enjoyable event?
  2. Which is my secret weapon to attract the opposite sex?
  3. What is my worst nickname?
  4. What is the most stupid thing we have ever done?
  5. What embarrasses me the most?
  6. Which habit of mine secretly embarrasses you?
  7. What is the nastiest thing I have ever eaten?
  8. Do I take my car to have it washed or leave it dirty until it rains?
  9. Do I sing in the car or shower?
  10. What is my weirdest habit?
  11. Which weird thing we have in common?
  12. What would you buy for me if you have million dollars?
  13. If you see me dancing on the street while drunk, what would you do?
  14. Nightclub or a beach. Tell my choice.
  15. Name two common enemies of ours.
  16. Name three of our common friends.
  17. What are our three common wishes?
  18. When did we first travel together by road?
  19. How many times you miss me in a day?
  20. Complete the sentence. Our friendship is …

The BFF Quiz Results

  • 0 – 10 Points: Re-evaluate this friendship
Maybe the two of you have just met and are only beginning to know each other. But if you have known this person for years, and they know so little about you, are they really such a good friend? Think carefully about what you want to do here. Do you want to invest the time to make this work? Or do you want to concentrate on somebody who is less self-involved and pays attention to you?
  • 11 – 40 Points: Light and breezy
You obviously know each other well enough superficially, but there is no real depth to this friendship. Give it some time; you may grow closer yet. And if not, that’s no tragedy either, not everyone you know can be your BFF. Maybe this is a just friend who’s great to hang out and have fun with!
  • 41 – 60 Points: Growing closer
Here you’ve got a friend who definitely pays attention to who you are and what you say. This relationship is worth putting more time and effort into, to grow even closer, and learn more about each other.
  • 61 – 80 Points: Soul Sisters/Brothers
You must have known each other for a long time to have grown this accustomed to one another. There isn’t much you don’t know about your friend, or they about you. It’s almost as if you were family!
  • 81 – 100 Points: Congratulations, BFFs!
This is a friendship that will outlast all others – what could possibly come between you? Give your friend a HUGE hug and be grateful for having found somebody this special to call your Best Friend Forever!

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