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Spanish Fly has become a catchy term to promote various kinds of aphrodisiacs and love potions. You will find many companies selling libido enhancers under the name of Spanish Fly. Most of them are ineffective and don’t contain anything more than sugar and water. The original Spanish Fly, on the other hand, is a potent substance and can also be dangerous. Today we will find out all about Spanish Fly and whether you can really benefit from its use. Know how you can use it the best way and what you can expect.

The Origins of the Myth of Spanish Fly

Traditionally, Spanish Fly used cantharidin, a substance produced by blister beetles. The beetles are called so, as coming in contact with cantharidin can cause blisters on your skin. The substance has some use in treating microbial infections and different kinds of fevers, but its aphrodisiac properties are not without controversies. In old times, people would crush the blister beetles and mix them with drinks or food. Ingesting the substance was said to give you almost magical powers and turn sex into a transcendental experience. But in reality, Spanish Fly or cantharidin can be harmful to humans. It does give you erections and warms up your sexual organs, but that’s due to inflammation and not for aphrodisiac properties. For the above reasons, you will no longer find any cantharidin in modern Spanish Fly.

So How Does Modern Spanish Fly Work?

Spanish Fly is a term used by many manufacturers as a brand name for their libido enhancers. Ideally, these types of products don’t contain any cantharidin; they use other aphrodisiacs and libido enhancers. The best products use natural ingredients that are known to have aphrodisiac properties. For example, Spanish Fly Pro, a leading libido enhancer, uses the best natural herbs and extracts that aid in sexual arousal, erections, and performance. The ingredients are completely safe and don’t have any adverse effects. You can even take Spanish Fly Pro daily without worries to spice up your sexual life! Like Spanish Fly Pro, you will find mostly natural aphrodisiacs in modern versions of another Spanish Fly. Whether those ingredients actually work or not is a different question!

How to Choose the Best Spanish Fly in the Market

You might find it a bit challenging to zero in on a reliable Spanish Fly that actually works! So, we suggest you take the following steps: Research the ingredients: An honest manufacturer will always provide the list of ingredients in their Spanish Fly. You should take each ingredient and do a research to determine if they are really worth it. For instance, if you dive into the ingredients of Spanish Fly Pro, you will see that each ingredient has evidence-backed aphrodisiac properties. So you can be sure they really make a difference. Be wary of any product that doesn’t disclose its formula. Also, be cautious of proprietary blends that keep the ingredients a secret. Learn about the company: The next step is to learn about the manufacturer. Do they have a long history of being in the market? Does the company invest in research? What are other people saying about the company? The answers to the above questions will help you gauge the reliability of the manufacturer. Browse reviews and ratings: Check out various online stores to see what customers think about a product, Are the reviews mostly positive or negative? How have the customers rated the product? Are there any common complaints? Find out all you can by reading genuine customer reviews. Check out the questions and answers left by customers and sellers to resolve your queries. Then you can determine if the product is worth it. Look for evidence: If you are considering a product, check if the company has conducted any study or clinical trial to prove its efficacy. In the case of Spanish Fly Pro, the company has invested in a study to evaluate the worthiness of their formula. The participants in the study took Spanish Fly Pro and experienced:
  • Full body arousals
  • Better erections and vaginal lubrication
  • Increases sex drive and engagement
  • Better orgasms (multiple orgasms for women)
Look for similar studies when you consider any Spanish Fly in the market. This will help you avoid scams and lead you to the most reliable Spanish Fly formulas available.

Ways to Enhance Libido Naturally

It’s time to be yourself, and be good at bed. You don’t have any excuse when you’ve access to some of the best Spanish Fly products. It has no side effects and can help you be as good in bed as you wanted to be. Spanish Fly Pro is a good option to increase your sexual appetite and bring back the excitement in your sex life. Along with that, you can also take a number of small steps that help you stay sexually fit and active:

Exercise Regularly

Exercise has been proven to improve sexual performance (in men) and sexual arousal (in women). Working out increases your blood flow and provides energy and stamina. It also improves your mood and enhances genital response. So exercise regularly to have a great time in bed!

Spend Time Under the Sun

Sunlight can boost vitamin D and testosterone levels. As a result, it can increase sexual desire and sexual satisfaction. Getting enough sun is also linked with better moods, which play a significant role in arousal.

Get Some Massage

You can boost your serotonin and dopamine with a relaxing massage. The stress hormones also take a fall, improving your mood and arousal. You can go for a sensual massage with your partner – a great way to beat stress and get turned on! Let us know in comments how Spanish Fly helped increase your libido.

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