9 Wild Sex Positions You Should Try For Your Next Sex Session

When you’re dating someone or have been married for some time, it’s not uncommon to feel the romance has left the relationship. When you don’t have a lot of time for sexual activity but still want to have some bedroom fun, you may consider a quickie. For most people, it’s just not worth the hassle, which means forgoing sex altogether. With some creativity and effort, you can bring passion back into the relationship and enjoy some crazy, wild sex. It can happen by improving the foreplay and mixing positions up when you make love (or have sex).

9 Ways To Spice Up Your Love Life

Dress Sexy

Men are visual creatures, which means looking sexy and your best means being you’ll be irresistible to ignore. Whether you’re going out on the town or staying in for the date, get dressed up or partake in the outfits he likes. For example, if the date is inside the home and he likes you in a t-shirt and socks, just wear that. The key is to arouse him so he’ll be excited before the physical contact.

Engage In Dirty Talk

Talk dirty to your other half – not just during sex but also throughout the day. There’s no reason to use bad language for the dirty talk. Just tell him what you’d like to do to him and what you want done to you. This will give him an incentive to get excited for the next time he sees you. The idea is to stay vague, so he’s kept wondering what you have in store.

Perfect Your Kissing Technique

Men love to kiss, just as women do. If you can perfect the art of kissing, you can use it during foreplay. The key things to remember about kissing is to stay intense and passionate. What are some kissing methods you need to remember and try?
  • Squeeze gently on one lip between your own.
  • Bite his lips softly – you don’t want to cause any pain.
  • Move your lips across is neck to the ears.
  • Use your mouth to explore other parts of your body.
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Make Use Of Your Hands

The key is to touch and massage your man’s body, exploring his body and bringing him pleasure. What are some ways to touch your man sexily?
  • Switch up the pressure, going from a light touch to something more powerful. Use your nails if you want to be a little rough.
  • Slowly trace your fingers along his arm and chest.
  • Focus on the sensitive parts of the body – head, chest, neck, ears, inner thighs, etc.

Massage His Scalp

A way to build intimacy between the two of you is to touch his scalp and massage it. You can do this while even just sitting on the couch and watching TV together. Use your nails to massage his scalp, going to the back of his neck and his ears. Once you do this, work your way down and move your fingers lightly over his skin.

Feel Confident

Men love women who are confident and sexy. If you feel insecure, toss them aside. The key to having wild sex is to feel confident in yourself. In the heat of the moment, no one is going to be thinking about bodily flaws.

Be Vocal

It’s always good to be vocal while you have sex, as it lets the man know that you’re enjoying the time together. Moan, scream, groan, or whatever you feel is the guilty pleasure. Add some dirty talk to it, and things will get even wilder between the two of you.

Teach Him

Men cannot read minds, which is why you need to tell him what it is you want from him. Again, use your voice and vocalize what it is you’re looking for. Give him some encouraging words to do more. Whatever you do, he’s going to appreciate it. Men have a thing about pleasing partners, so tell him what you like so he can please you.

Do Some Experimentation

How boring it can be to do the missionary position each and every time you have sex. Go ahead and mix up your sexual positions. Play out fantasies, but let him know what you won’t do. Just as your man should not judge you for your fantasies, do not judge him. The idea is to find a sexual position or two that you both like.

9 Wild Sex Positions That Can Take The Sexual Experience Even Higher

Missionary – This may not seem like a wild position, but it can be. For most women, this is the best position for clitoral stimulation, but you need to have a diagonal penetration to ensure maximum pressure on the clit. Doggy Style – It’s not uncommon for couples to partake in doggy style sex, as it lets partners get into positions that’s best for them and is pleasurable. A hand or sex toy can also be used to rub on the clitoris. Reverse Cowgirl – In this position, the woman sits on top of the man, with her back to his face. It’s a popular position among women since it gives them access to their clit, and men can sit back and enjoy the show. Coital Alignment – The position begins in missionary with the man’s entire body weight on the woman. She will then wrap her legs around him and move him forward. At this point, the base of his penis is lying on the clitoris and rubbing it. This provides amazing stimulation so long as the couples move in tandem. Spooning – This is an intimate position and ideal for either vaginal or anal sex. It’s also great for lazy sex in the morning. The position offers great stimulation for the anus or vagina and is great for penis. (More: Anal Sex: The Good, the Bad and the How) Criss-Cross – With this position, the woman is on her back with the man on his side. She places her legs over his hip as he goes into her. The bodies are free, which means either partner can rub the clitoris. Woman on Top – This position ensures the woman is in complete control over how fast/slow the penetration is and how deep. It also provides her access to play with her clit. To help, the man can bring her hips up and down using his hands. Ankles Up – For this position, the woman’s ankles go over the man’s shoulders so deeper penetration can be had. It also allows for G-spot stimulation, which can bring on intense pleasure. Its effects are similar to a woman bent on her knees or putting her feet on her man’s chest. Pillow Fun – Make use of pillows to change up the penetration angle. For instance, you can put a pillow under your butt to put more pressure on the G-spot. To find the best possible position, you need to experiment with pillow positions.

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