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Let´s face it, the reason why people search for another person online is to hook up and get laid. Searching online makes it fun, easy, and secure as opposed to meeting someone for the first time in person. With online dating and hookup apps you can decide when the time is right to meet and where to meet them. Of course, the app itself cannot promise that you will meet someone to hookup with, let alone get laid. However, a few do exist for those purposes alone. Below are 11 best hookup apps for people that just want to get laid. More: 25 Questions for Your Tinder Match
  1. Eventbrite
Loving sporting events is a great way to hookup with other like-minded people. Not only does it help you to meet others but you can use it continuously for many other events that you are interested in to meet more people. It is a great app to get out of the house and do things you love and once you do meet someone at an event, you can use it as a way to break the ice so you can take it another step further and before you know it you might be in his or her bed for the night.
  1. Bumble
As a dating app, Bumble concentrates its efforts on women. Fundamentally speaking, the setup is similar to the many other dating apps. The only difference is that the woman gets to decide who she does and does not want to interact with. Although the overall feel the guy may have may seem like a choice for a new pet, that is just the design of the app, which makes it work perfectly for women. The app rules also differ and are determined by whether the match is same sex or heterosexual in nature. Bumble is a great app that women can depend on to find a match to hook up with, although the same can´t be said for the men due to their inability to communicate first. However, there is still a possibility for a man to get noticed and eventually laid.
  1. Blendr
With Blendr, it is a combination of meeting and dating people. It works by using your location and points out other profiles who live in the different areas you frequent on a daily basis. Of course the app has its shortfalls as well as the unattractive payment system. The plus is that many have joined the app, which makes it easy to locate a real person who is serious about meeting. However, you do need to be aware of fake profiles still, so you need to be weary of that as a member. The system is pretty good and allows you to search as you go about your day.
  1. Coffee Meets Bagel
This dating app is perfect for the working professional. As you log into the app you will see a list of possible matches daily at noon. The matches are of those who live close to you and have similar interests. The choice is yours if you want to interact with them. You may see it as similar to other dating sites, but the difference is in the way you can make first contact by asking questions that are already selected. This app also makes the men wait until they are contacted prior to any engagement can be made. Although the rules for LGBT are not the same, it is an overall good app.
  1. Down Dating
Down Dating is also similar to Tinder. A daily list is of members is also provided so you see who is in your area. You are given the ability to select the profiles you wish to communicate with. Once a match is made and you both feel attraction, you can chat privately to get to know each other more. The system is based on anonymity and they will only know that you like them if they like you. This method helps keep things equal. Of course, there are flaws within the system but it is a good app to get started with. And if you want a list of the top 10 hookup sites and apps you can use, read it here. I recommend you just use all of them to increase your chances of matching with as many people as you can.
  1. Happn
Happn provides location assistance that utilizes GPS technology. You are then able to see others who are also near you throughout the day. You can also see the amount of times you cross the other person as the day goes on. You can also share interests as long as both parties agree to share. As soon as attraction is made, then private chat can begin. You can decide to pay and be able to bend the rules. The app is great for moments where you might meet up and begin to strike a conversation.
  1. Tinder
Tinder can be described as the father of getting laid once you hookup on the app. With millions of members you can interact with. If Tinder is new to you, then you will like that many members are near your area. As you view a profile you indicate someone you like or not like by swiping left or right. Notifications are provided after an attraction is made. You are then free to chat with your match. Although it was designed as a way to make friends and dating, many use it today to hookup and get lucky in bed. You can pay for Tinder Plus, which offers a few more features beyond the normal free service.
  1. Wild
The Wild app takes dating to a whole new level and provides a wild experience for all who wish for one. It has become popular recently and allows individuals to search for hookups due to the simple nature of the app. A member is required to express their wants and desires up front in order to save time later and have more time to converse with possible matches. You can have photos uploaded and they are authenticated before they are made public. The app is gender friendly and open to any orientation. It allows you to get to matching and chatting by skipping the personality section.

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