18 Songs About Meeting Someone Special For The First Time

Have you ever experienced love at first sight? Sparks flying and butterflies in your stomach? Whether it is a crush on someone you just met or the love of your life, the feeling is pretty similar. Did your eyes meet in a crowded room? Did he walk past you at school? Was she sitting at the bar with her friends? Maybe you met by chance or maybe it was fate. Either way, you will never forget that first time.

Songs about meeting someone

If you’re looking for ways to propel you back into that time of wondrous excitement, here are a few songs that might remind you of how you felt meeting that person and take you back to that precious moment.

1. Love At First Sight by Michael Bublé

Taking a chance in my life, hoping you feel the same way as I do tonight – I am sure we have all felt the same way. It is scary to fall in love with someone as soon as you meet them. You feel anxious because you are not sure if they feel the same about you. On the other hand, it also makes you believe in love at first sight and makes you feel hopeful.

2. Just In Time by Dean Martin

Remember the last time you said, “I’ve had enough of relationships” or “I just want to be single for a while”? Those are usually the unexpected times where we meet that someone special. Love works in mysterious ways, like in the song – for love came just in time, you found me just in time, and changed my lonely life that lucky day.

3. Crazy For You by Madonna

Love can be an overwhelming feeling – it can be irrepressible and hard to control. You can feel its immediate effect even from across a dark and smoky dance floor. The feeling is exactly like how Madonna sang it – trying hard to control my heart, I walk over to where you are, eye to eye we need no words at all.

4. Crush by Jennifer Page

We’ve probably started having crushes since being a teenager and we still have them as adults. Some start off mild and harmless, but some just catch you off guard, leaving you with no idea what to do. But a crush is how it always starts out – it is just whether or not we take action on it. But it is true what Jennifer Page sang in the song – let’s not overanalyze.

5. Found Your Love by Oliver Nelson (ft. Heir)

This is a song about fighting for love, as Oliver Nelson sings, now I’ll find your love I won’t give it up. When you feel love, you’ve got to express it to the other person and when they don’t receive it the way you want them to, you don’t just give up, you keep trying. And one day, you will meet that special someone who is worth fighting for.

6. I Knew I Loved You by Savage Garden

I knew I loved you before I met you, I think I dreamed you into life. I knew I loved you before I met you, I have been waiting all my life – I am getting goosebumps as I type out these lyrics. Have you ever felt that way about someone before? Like you were destined to meet? Like you have known them for years?

7. Anything Could Happen by Ellie Goulding

Love is so powerful that it can sometimes make you irrational and cause you to believe in the impossible. Sometimes, you have put away your logical mind and have faith that anything could happen. But of course, it is not just blind faith – it takes effort as well as hard work to make things happen.

8. Teenage Dream by Katy Perry

You make me feel like I’m living a teenage dream. The way you turn me on, I can’t sleep. Let’s runaway, and don’t ever look back. Not only are the lyrics catchy, but they are also super accurate. Remember the first time you saw him or her and felt butterflies in your stomach? When they asked you to be their Valentine? Did your heart skip a beat when they laid their eyes on you?

9. After You by Meg Myers

There are a lot of times when love confuses us but I think when you meet ‘the one’, you just know. When you are falling for someone and falling deep, you just know – all of my thoughts are you, all of my mind’s on you.

10. Love At First Sight by Kylie Minogue

This song is about falling in love at a club. Just imagine, you are having a bad day and just not expecting much, but you meet this special someone – everything goes from wrong to right and the stars come out to fill up the sky. Ah, isn’t it amazing how just two lines of lyrics can say so much? Now, isn’t that the kind of love we someday hope to find?

11. Domino by Jessie J

You got me losing my mind, my heart beats out of time – isn’t that exactly how we feel when we are in love? Reminds you of those nights you spent with that special someone talking for hours or dancing the night away. Don’t you just miss the simpler and happier days?

12. When We First Met by Hellogoodbye

First impressions really do last, you remember every single detail of how the other person looked – what they wore, what color were their eyes and in this song, Hellogoodbye sings about a girl with long and brown hair. All I see is where our days repeat and our love goes on as our hair grows long. Remembering how you first met can be a reminder of why you fell in love with them and why you should keep the love going.

13. The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face by Roberta Flack

And the first time ever I lay with you, I felt your heart so close to mine. And I knew our joy would fill the earth, and last till the end of time my love – the answer to the question “what does love feel like?”. When you fall in love with someone, you run through a million different scenarios in your head, from best to worst. You never really know what you are getting yourself into. But when you look at their face, you just trust them and believe in the possibility of love.

14. Crossfire by Brandon Flowers

For those of you who don’t know, Brandon Flowers was the frontman of ‘The Killers’ and this song was his first solo debut. This song talks about being with someone you should not be with – and we are caught up in the crossfire, heaven and hell, and searching for shelter. Haven’t we found ourselves caught up in crossfires quite often? But I believe that is just part of the process of finding love.

15. Under the Table by Banks

The heart wants what it wants, like the song goes – I’m already falling, I couldn’t help it, didn’t think of the risks. You don’t have the time to calculate risks and even when you do, you simply ignore the risks. That’s what love makes you do.

16. The Night We Met by Lord Huron

This song is about a man haunted by the memory of the first time meeting the woman he loved, but he is somehow lost her – I had all and then most of you. Some and now none of you. Take me back to the night we met. I don’t know what I’m supposed to do. That is also my personal favorite line from the song because it is just so very true. You will lose someone bit by bit, but without realizing it, they are completely gone and have slipped right through your fingertips.

17. The First Time by Surface

Do you remember the first time you fell in love? That foreign feeling you had no idea what it was. But you felt it so deeply and truly that although some time had passed, you could still remember it just like it was yesterday. But time is moving fast. The love I had for you, time won’t ever change. I’ll always feel the same, now until the end – have you ever felt so strongly about someone? That you still remember every detail of your relationship, and it still hurts every time you think about them?

18. The First Time I Met You by Tony Tuff

In this song, Tony Tuff talks about the first time he met the girl of his dreams – the first time I met you, I couldn’t forget you. Girl I know, I really had to get you. Sometimes when you meet the right person at the right time, you just know that you have to be with them and there is no stopping you. Discover more: So, do any of these songs depict how you felt when you first met that special someone? What songs did I miss out? Tell me what your favorite ‘love at first sight’ songs are!

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