15 tips to marry a Ukrainian girl |

Have you ever heard how hot and attractive Ukrainian women are? Yes, but with great power comes great responsibility. It’s no secret that not every guy can pull a beautiful Ukrainian woman, even if they wanted to. If you want to put a ring on it, the competition will be tough. Read more: 9 Wild Sex Positions You Should Try For Your Next Sex Session But what makes Ukrainian ladies for marriage so desirable and most importantly, how to acquire their fondness? This is going to be a direct list of things you need to do:
    1. Be financially stable
Financially stable guys have leverage because they can provide a great deal of comfort, which is prevalent for any Ukrainian woman. Not many Ukrainian women have lived in successful households, that’s why obtaining property and living large is their childhood dream.
  1. Don’t wait too long before the proposal
Ukrainian girls are not used to lingering on while their boyfriends are adamantly negative about popping the question. Realize that if you marinate your girlfriend for too long, she will soon express discomfort and confusion and blame you for being so slow.
  1. Be emotionally and psychologically stable
Being emotionally stable presupposes becoming a mature person who can wholeheartedly help the closest one and make essential decisions about household life, resolving marital issues. If you are one of those guys, a Ukrainian girl will thank you for ages.
  1. Think about moving in together
No wonder why many couples who didn’t live with each other before marriage end up in separation. You have to understand the compatibility with your partner through various social situations, running errands together, and discussing plans. None of it is possible unless you choose to move in together.
  1. Learn about her cultural background
Any Ukrainian girl will be pleasantly surprised to know that her man cares enough to learn more about Ukrainian culture, customs, and traditions. If you want to get in her good graces, the fastest way will consist of learning some basic phrases and a tad bit of Ukrainian history.
  1. Meet her family
It is essential to meet a girl’s family before moving in together because you still have to get the Father’s Blessing. Ukrainians take family traditions seriously.
  1. Get in her friend circle
It is important to support your future wife’s environment, even on social media.
  1. Talk about kids
The kids’ talk is inevitable, especially if you’re planning a married life. Express your thoughts about having children and ask your partner how does she feel about it.
  1. Support your future wife
Ukrainians are a very supportive nation because they fight tooth and nail for closest relatives. Be her rock and she will greatly appreciate these moves.
  1. Introduce her to your parents
If you are planning on married life, this stage is highly essential. Even if your girl doesn’t speak your parents’ language, that’s alright. The main thing is to make them acquainted and create a positive dynamic between your parents and your future wife.
  1. Plan your proposal
The proposal is an important move, so you want to make sure it is thought through to the daintiest details.  Make sure you know the time and place.
  1. Think of the wedding ceremony through
The ceremony is even more important than the proposal, so you have to take that thing seriously.
  1. Cover most of the expenses
This includes a wedding dress, your rings, and the restaurant. In Ukraine, families cover the bill together.
  1. Plan the wedding together
Because Ukrainian women think of it as a one-time event, it must be held meticulously.
  1. Exchange your wedding vows
Although it’s not quite the Ukrainian tradition, impress your future wife with devotion clothed in words.

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