10 Naughty Long Distance Relationship Games To Keep Things Interesting And Fun

Anyone who has been in a long distance relationship before will tell you that it is not always easy to have a sense of closeness with such a vast distance between you and your partner. You might not be able to see each other for a long period of time and this could make any couple drift apart. The good news is, gone are the days where snail mail was the main form of communication if you live far away from your partner. Now, he or she is just a text message away and you can easily make a phone call to hear their voice. Furthermore, with sophisticated mobile phones and internet, you can even video chat with your partner wherever you are, helping you share your life with him or her and vice versa. However, there is only so much that technology can do. You can hear your partner’s voice and see their face, but technology still cannot accurately convey the body language plus intimacy that a physical touch could. It is inevitable that sometimes you will feel frustrated with the lack of passion in the relationship, especially after a long period of not seeing your partner. But do not fret! There are still things you can do with your partner to spice up the relationship even when you are apart. Here are 10 games that have a sexy twist for couples who cannot be together physically.

10 Saucy Long Distance Relationship Games

1. Truth or Dare

This is your chance to ask your partner questions that you have always wanted to ask but never found the right moment to do so. Or you can seize this opportunity to make your partner do something you want them to do. You can design your own questions or simply search on the internet for some handy Truth or Dare lists that are tailor-made for couples. The game could turn into a profound conversation, something silly, or end up with some steamy action.

2. Extra reward for winning a game online

There are a plethora of games that you can play together online, ranging from action-packed video games to relaxing board games. Many games are free to download or have a trial version where you do not have to spend any money to try them out. You can play co-op games where you and your partner try to complete a mission together, or you can go head to head and try to beat each other. Whatever your preferences are, there is definitely something out there that you will love playing together. To make it more interesting, you could keep score of who is leading. The next time you play together, the loser will have to do something for the winner. Again, you can make this an innocent punishment or something really sassy.

3. 20 Questions

20 Questions is a fun game and will keep the conversation flowing effortlessly. You start off by thinking of something – an object, a character, or a real person. Then, your partner must figure out what you are thinking by asking questions. He or she only has 20 questions and if they still get it wrong after the 20th question, they lose. To spice things up a bit, make the loser pay a price and you might end up changing the conversation into a racy chat session.

4. The Lamest Quote

This is a game where you try to find a quote that truly makes you cringe and share it with your friends. For long distance couples, you can set a theme to the game where you send each other the lamest love quotes you can find. You could also change this into “The Lamest Love Song” and send your partner snippets of cringe-worthy lyrics and both of you can have a good laugh about it.

5. Never Have I Ever

“Never Have I Ever” is a drinking game where someone says something interesting that they have never done before and those who have done it have to drink. To make this into a sexy couples game, you start off by telling your partner something you have never done before. He or she will have to respond by sending you a relevant photo. The game can be innocent or naughty, but it will always be fun.

6. Fill in the Blanks

Making your own “Fill in the Blanks” game helps you get to know your partner more and know what is on their mind. It is also a very simple game to get your creative juices flowing. Simply send an open-ended sentence to your partner and he or she will send you back the completed sentence. For example, you can start with “I love it when…” and your partner will write back with how they think the sentence should end. You can make it flirty and fun or thrilling and sexy, the choice is yours!

7. Mystery photos

With this game, you start with taking a photo which can be mysterious or suggestive and send it to your partner. He or she will have to guess what is in the picture. The picture can be of anything like an object or even a part of your body. Just make it so that it is not too obvious what the pictures are trying to show. Anyone who makes a correct guess will receive a reward, which can be anything from a promise to buy him or her a drink to something much naughtier.

8. Role-play a celebrity

Some couples might be shy or too embarrassed to talk about their fantasies. Well, this is a pretend game that could play out your fantasy and turn it into reality. Adapt a movie persona and act like that character while having a text conversation with your partner. Choose a sexy character yourself or let your partner choose it for you and start texting away. Then the next time you find yourself together physically in a private room, you can play out the scene you have described in your text messages.

9. Strip Question and Answer

Ever heard of strip poker? Instead of playing poker, why not change it into something more personal and stimulating? First, make sure that both you and your partner are in a private room where nobody else can hear or see any of you. Then, get on Skype and each of you take turns to ask a personal question. It could be anything from something you have done together to something significant about yourself. If your partner answers incorrectly, he or she will have to take off an item that they are wearing. I am sure you can figure out by now how the video chat session will end…

10. Where Am I Now?

“Where Am I Now?” is a fantastic text-based game to invoke some fond memories you have had together with your partner. When you are at a location where something special had happened with your partner, send him or her a text with hints on where you might be and ask if they know where you are. Do not give too much away in the beginning, but you can be more specific after your partner has made a few guesses. You can play this when you are at home too. Ask your partner where they think you are and what they think you are doing or wearing. If something naughty had happened in the house recently, you can text some clues to your partner to remind him or her about that particular incident. Do you have any games that you love playing with your long distance partner which are not on the list yet?

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